Slaughter Politics (Praxis 21)

by Slaughter Politics

Forest Fire 04:33
Stammheim 04:05


(From the Praxis Website 1999:) Praxis 21 titled Slaughter Politics this is a compilation of some material I wrote about 2 years ago that I felt still needed to come out, and since there was an 'empty' catalogue number this was a good opportunity. The record starts (check the tunes page on c8!) with a 190 bpm hardcore track called Forest Fire that breaks down to heavy half speed broken beats, shattering false mystifications. The title refers to the resurgence of nationalism in some aspects of contemporary art and music. While the track isn't exactly a comment on this I hope it works as an antidote, or at least raises the issue. The following track, Stammheim, refers to the high security prison where the political prisoners of the RAF were held, and where after years of isolation torture and show trials Ulrike Meinhof, Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan Carl Raspe died. You Must Help Yourself, written with Nomex starts the other side with a different emphasis. Unusual and sleazy breaks catapult us into a conflicting realm of power and autonomy, using a voice sample from Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS. Pirate Utopia, written with the Invisible S.P. and originally supposed to be on Stormcore 7 goes back to the 4/4, but almost as a quote, retaining a strong experimental edge. It's my favorite collaboration with the ISP (including the tracks - one each on Stormcore 5 and 6, and one side of the Fraktal Paris-Londres record), and I'm happy - as with all these tracks - that they're finally out! The title Slaughter Politics is from the Interview with ex-urban guerrilla and Carlos the Jackal associate Hans Joachim Klein in the "German Issue" of Semiotext(e). It refers to the self-defeating brutality that liberation struggles can succumb, and the paradox that a certain violence remains necessary.


released July 23, 2011

Written & produced by Christoph Fringeli, except "You Must Help Yourself" with Nomex and "Pirate Utopia" with the Invisible S.P. in 1997and originally released in 1999. Limited red vinyl re-press in 2020.


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Praxis Berlin, Germany

nothing essential happens in the absence of noise

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